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 IWMM Publications

Migration Model: A generalizable energetics-based model of avian migration to facilitate continental-scale waterbird conservation.
Ecological Applications, 2016
By: Eric V. Lonsdorf, Wayne E. Thogmartin, Sarah Jacobi, Jorge Coppen, Amélie Y. Davis, Timothy J. Fox, Patricia Heglund, Rex Johnson, Tim Jones, Kevin P. Kenow, James E. Lyons, Kirsten E. Luke, Shannon Still, and Brian Tavernia
Publication summary

Local Abundance Modeling: Evaluating predictors of local dabbling duck abundance during migration: managing the spectrum of conditions faced by migrants.
Wildfowl, 2015
By: Kevin Aagaard, Shawn. M. Crimmins, Wayne E. Thogmartin, Brian Tavernia, and James Lyons
Publication summary

Habitat Validation: An evaluation of rapid methods for monitoring vegetation characteristics of wetland bird habitat.
Wetlands Ecology and Management, 2016
By: Brian G. Tavernia, James E. Lyons, Brian W. Loges, Andrew Wilson, Jaime A. Collazo and Michael C. Runge.
Publication summary

Quantifying the relative contribution of an ecological reserve to conservation objectives.
Global Ecology and Conservation, January 2017
By: Kevin Aagaard, James E. Lyons, and Wayne E. Thogmartin,

Technical Reports

Technical Report for IWMM Pilot Data, 2010-2014.
By: Kevin Aagaard, James E. Lyons, Brian Loges and Wayne Throgmartin