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Legacy and Current IWMM Data: Understanding Downloads and Reports

Data collection under the Integrated Waterbird Management and Monitoring Program got underway in fall 2010 when the pilot phase was initiated. During the initial survey seasons, IWMM staff used monitoring data and feedback from participants to target critical information needs, validate monitoring methods and to address logistical concerns. While the bird observation approach has essentially [...]

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Framework Versus Manual: Which Do I Use

The IWMM Monitoring Protocol was developed as a rapid assessment of habitat conditions and waterbird use at wetlands during the non-breeding period. During an extensive pilot phase, the protocols were tested via two validation studies and participant feedback was obtained on what was working and what was not. These efforts have led to revised and [...]

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Revised Protocols Are Here! NEW: Webinar Link!

IWMM’s bird and habitat monitoring protocols were revised in February 2015 based on participant feedback and a habitat metric validation study. IWMM plans to transition all users to the new protocol for the 2015-16 field season. Key revisions and clarifications to the monitoring protocols include: Vegetation composition: this metric has changed from a top 4 [...]

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Estimating Percent Cover

Examples of Estimating Percent Coverage The IWMM protocol requires estimates of cover to assign water depth classes, estimate habitat class proportions, and assess vegetation composition. We are using a canopy cover approach: defined as the percentage of the survey unit covered by vertical projections from the outermost perimeter of plants’ foliage (Anderson 1986). [...]

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