For the past two years, the IWMM program has emphasized the development of documentation and tools to help participants achieve success in applying the IWMM protocol. Our goal has been to provide a “complete package” that offers users a suite of information and processes to:

1) quickly collect field data that adheres to the IWMM protocol,
2) efficiently transfer IWMM data for storage and sharing in the AKN data management system, and
3) provide adequate supporting documentation and training resources.

In addition, we have developed a framework of IWMM representatives that have agreed to provide instruction and support for participants at the regional level.

Training Resources

Fully captioned training videos are provided for new and potential participants to learn more about the vision and organization of IWMM, to understand the structure and operation of the online database, and to gain experience with our newly developed Survey123 mobile app. Recorded demonstrations of basic user flow are included for both the app and database in the video files below.

How-to and Help Documents

Technical products always have a learning curve for new users. The following documents are designed to help users quickly become proficient with the IWMM mobile app and online database.

IWMM Regional Representatives

Within each USFWS administrative region there is strong need for regional coordination that provides information and assistance for those who want to use or currently do use IWMM monitoring protocols, the IWMM online database, and the recently released IWMM Survey123 app. Several individuals have each graciously agreed to represent IWMM in their respective (former) regions, and their contact information is available on the IWMM Contacts page. The IWMM Project Coordinator is also available to answer questions and provide project support.